Rebekka & Fox - Private.


'Private.' is the debut album from Rebekka & Fox, a collaborative project by the singer/songwriter Rebekka Brunow and DJ/producer Hannu Nieminen.

Over the past ten years, Rebekka has been working as a backing vocalist for various Finnish artists. Her diverse history with music and songwriting started at a young age and she always wanted to release something of her own one day.

Hannu, also known as Ender, is one of Helsinki's first and most recognized house and techno DJs. As a producer, he was previously a member of the groups Nuspirit Helsinki and hannulelauri. In recent years, Hannu has released plenty of solo material. One of his ambitions was to make a collaborative project with a vocalist.

Dreams met reality when Rebekka and Hannu were introduced by a fellow local DJ in 2013.

After a few studio sessions, it was clear that their interests were similar. They soon came up with a spontaneous way of writing material from scratch with fruitful results. After successfully completing somewhere around four tracks, it was clear there was going to be a whole album of Rebekka & Fox music.

The finished record is a balanced affair between modern electronic club sounds and ethereal wistful pop. Hannu's visions meet Rebekka's melodies and lyrics in an effortlessly natural way. Despite the multitude of ideas, influences and genres, the result is solid and intriguing. The production techniques are refined, but they never suppress the unfiltered raw emotion. 'Private.' is a moving album in all senses of the word.